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Default Applicant Expectations

The Praetorian Knights are a wonderfully diverse group of adults who have come together to have fun and enjoy all aspects of the World of Warcraft. As such, there is room in our little family for people who enjoy
  • Soloing but want folks to talk to
  • Questing alone or in groups
  • Leveling and playing a number of different characters
  • Running 5-man instances
  • PVP / arenas
  • Raiding
To apply as a raider, you must be maximum level, but we do consider lower level characters under our Friends and Family rank. To be accepted as a Friends and Family member, you must actually be a friend or family member of a member of PK.

We are not a leveling guild although you will find a number of folks willing to help out if you are not yet max level or are working on other characters. As we have members from all over the world, in numerous time zones, and on various play schedules, it is typically fairly easy to find assistance no matter what times you play.

There is room here for all types and we focus on finding good people, but we do have some requirements for the people who want to raid with us.

If you are applying for a raiding slot:
  • You must be maximum level.
  • Your gear should be made up primarily of high quality items from crafting, heroic instance drops, points, and reputation rewards.
  • You must have the reputation to get the shoulder and helm enchants for your main role and off-role specs.
  • All epic gear should be gemmed with high level gems and enchanted.
If you are unsure about your gear, then please provide a link to your armory and details about any gear you might have that wouldn't be equiped all the time (resistance gear, etc.). While we have a guild bank and several folks ready and willing to assist with gear, gems, and enchants we expect you to have put some effort into it already yourself.

We are working to progress through content and we are looking for people who are ready to progress with us.

It will take a few days to process your application. Please be patient. We will be in touch. We look forward to getting to know you.
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